I. Prerequisites for Becoming a Statistics Major

In order to be officially classified as a Statistics major and receive advising by the Department of Statistics, a student must have a minimum of 45 hours. The student should be working on the following prerequisites although it is not necessary to have all the pre-requisites (except Stat 2000) completed before taking statistics major courses:

  1. STAT 2000 or STAT 2100H
  2. CSCI 1301-1301L
  3. To complete the Statistics major, students must complete each of the following courses with a grade of "C" (2.0) or higher: MATH 2250 (or MATH 2300H), MATH 2260MATH 2270 (or MATH 2500), and MATH 3300 (or MATH 3000).  If a student completed MATH 2500 before Fall 2013, we will accept this course in the place of MATH 2270.  
  4. MATH 3000 or MATH 3300

To enroll in a course that requires pre-requisite course(s), it is recommended that a student earns a grade of C or higher in the pre-requisite course(s).

Until a student has the minimum 45 hours, he/she will be advised by the Arts & Science advisors in Memorial Hall.  A student must allow at least 2 academic years to complete the statistics major in order to schedule and sequence the required statistics courses appropriately.

II. Major Course Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree Major

Required Courses - 22 hours

(A student must have a grade of "C" or higher for these courses.)

STAT 4210 or STAT 4110H Statistical Methods
STAT 4220 Applied Experimental Designs
STAT 4230 Regression Analysis Methods
STAT 4360 Statistical Programming
STAT 4510 Mathematical Statistics I
STAT 4520 Mathematical Statistics II
STAT 5010 Capstone I
STAT 5020 Capstone II

Major Electives - 3 hours

(A student must have a grade of "C" or higher for these courses.)

Students may choose three hours from among STAT 4000-level courses.  Any course used for the elective other than these 4000-level courses must be approved by the department. STAT 4630, STAT 4640, STAT 4530, STAT 4950 and STAT 5700 will not count towards an elective course.

STAT 4100 Applied Stochiastic Processes
STAT 4240 Sampling
STAT 4260 Statistical Quality Assurance
STAT 4280 Applied Time Series
STAT 4290 Nonparametric Methods
STAT 4380 Survival Analysis
STAT 4660 Introduction to Quantitative Biology

If a student is interested in pursuing graduate studies in Statistics, it is important to take additional mathematics courses before applying to graduate schools.  All graduate schools will require a course in Linear Algebra.  Thus, a student should plan on Math 3000 or Math 3300.  It is also recommended to take Math 3100 and Math 3200.