III. Statistics Minor

The requirements for an undergraduate minor in statistics consist of a total of 15 semester hours of coursework. The required pre-requisite course is STAT 2000. The core required courses are STAT 4210, STAT 4220, and STAT 4230. Six additional elective hours of STAT courses numbered above 4000 are required, chosen from the courses listed for the major. No course with a grade lower than C can be used as a minor course. At least nine semester hours of the minor courses must be taken in residence. 

To enroll in a course that requires pre-requisite course(s), it is recommended that a student earns a grade of C or higher in the pre-requisite course(s).

Note to students considering the minor: The demand for seats in many 4000-level statistics courses exceeds the capacity and statistics majors are given priority. You should expect that it will take multiple semesters to get into required courses for the minor.  Because of this high demand, you should plan that it will take 4 semesters or more to complete the minor. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will be able to take the courses that you need in order to complete the minor on your desired schedule. 

The Statistics minor must be can be declared in ATHENA. Before the completed minor will appear on a student's final transcript, the successful completion of the minor must be certified by the Statistics Department.  You may contact either Melissa Pettigrew or Anne Vencill for certification.