The SCC offers a variety of services. We offer a free initial one hour consultation for any research project needing statistical assistance. During this initial consultation, which will typically be a face-to-face meeting between the client(s) and two SCC consultants, we will provide general advice on experimental and/or survey design, discuss general procedures for analyzing data, and provide, where possible, interpretation of output from statistical software packages. Our goal in doing this is to improve the general statistical quality of research. This service is appropriate for any sort of research being done on campus, including projects related to students’ MS theses or PhD dissertations. In addition, we provide this service for off-campus researchers and commercial clients, as time permits.
The SCC’s services are not intended to help students answer homework questions or to provide tutoring. The SCC does not write or format dissertation chapters. Additionally, the SCC cannot provide data entry or data transcription services, nor do we provide independent research, though we are happy to offer advice on how these tasks can be accomplished.
For some projects, this initial consultation will be the only assistance required. In other cases, if clients feel the need for more in-depth explanations, desire us to analyze data for them, or wish us to assist in preparing a research article or grant proposal, we will provide these services for an agreed upon fee (UGA clients are entitled to one additional hour of free consulting following the initial meeting). The fee charged depends upon various factors, as explained in the Consulting Fees link of this webpage. We are a not-for-profit center, so we aim to keep our fees as low as possible while sustaining the center. Even so, we realize that the fees may be higher than could normally be afforded, especially for those in fields where research grants are rare. Consequently, we also offer some free in-depth consulting for clients willing to allow their data to be analyzed by graduate student consultants working in the SCC for course credit. These projects must meet certain guidelines in order to be considered for this type of consulting; if you are interested in this option, please contact the Director or the Associate Director of the SCC.
While our first obligation is to faculty, staff, and students at UGA, we are willing, resources permitting, to accept projects from other academic, government, non-profit, or commercial clients. Charges for such will typically be higher than for UGA clients, as explained on the Consulting Fees page, though rates do vary. To set up an appointment for an initial free consultation, please go to the Consultation Request, fill out the short form there, and submit it electronically. We will attempt to contact you within two business days to set up a mutually agreeable meeting time.