Currently our service is available only by appointment; please apply as early as possible, as during times of high demand it takes up to two weeks to schedule an appointment after applying for assistance. To make an appointment, please submit the Consultation Request form online. Upon receiving your request, we will contact you to set up a mutually agreeable meeting time. 




Dr. Jaxk Reeves, 252 Statistics Building, UGA Campus e-mail:; office phone: 706-542-3316

Associate Director


Dr. Xianyan Chen. 242 Statistics Building, UGA Campus e-mail:; office phone: 706-542-7348


Graduate Consulting Assistants (Current Fall 2017)

Wenhao Pan

Huimin Hu

Yan Du

XiaoDong Jiang

Rich Ross

Graduate Student Volunteers

YaoTong Cai

Tawanda Benesi

Krissy Knight

WenQian Kong

Arunava Samaddar

YanYan Tan

Ye Wang (Sonny)

Ben Washington

ZiXuan Jiang (Annie)

FuNing Chen

Niyun Chen

MengYao Li

ZiYang Ma

ZengYan Wang

Yu Wang