Statistical Consulting Center
Rm. 339, Brooks Hall
University of Georgia

The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC), in existence since 1990, is a Core Facility of the University of Georgia. The mission of the SCC is threefold: to provide collaborative research assistance to faculty, research staff, and students in all departments of the University of Georgia; to increase the quality of quantitative research performed at the University; and to provide an advantageous educational experience to students of statistics through training as statistical collaborators.

The SCC consists of a faculty Director (Dr. Jaxk Reeves), an Associate Director (Dr. Xianyan Chen), and five graduate students supported on assistantship, as noted on the Staff and Appointment Hours link to the left. The SCC is housed in the Department of Statistics, and receives partial financial support from the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Graduate School, and the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences. The links to the left describe the operation of the SCC, its services, and its policies.

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