Hendrik Hamann
Room 102, Caldwell Building

The rapid growth of geospatial-temporal data sources from satellites, drones, weather modeling, IoT sensors etc., accumulating at a pace of petabytes to exabytes annually, opens unprecedented opportunities for industrial applications. However, the sheer size and complexity of the data also raises considerable challenges for conventional tools, relational geospatial databases, and cloud geospatial data services based on file systems (manifested as object stores or “cold” tape storages). To fully exploit the value of data, particularly by leveraging the latest development in artificial intelligence, required is a new paradigm of platforms and services. Towards that end we are introducing a new platform (https://ibmpairs.mybluemix.net/) called the IBM PAIRS Geoscope, which provides API enabled data, search, and analytics platform services for advanced data science and application developers. In this presentation we will also highlight different industry applications ranging from weather forecasting to precision agriculture leveraging this platform using methods of machine-learning and physical analytics.