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MS Theses

Yiping Chen

Using the sir epidemic model to infer the SARS outbreak in Beijing, 2003 | M.S. | 05/2019

Lexiang Ji

Data mining to identify gene regulatory elements | M.S. | 05/2019

Minho Kwak

A comparison between logistic regression and neural networks in a constructed response item study | M.S. | 05/2019

Wookyung Lee

The effect of CEO political ideology on executive succession following firm misconduct | M.S. | 05/2019

Wei Qian

Analyses of USA birth-date distribution | M.S. | 08/2019

Héctor Iván Restrepo

Sawtimber potential proportion dynamics for loblolly pine in the Southeastern U.S. | M.S. | 08/2019

Maulik Nalinkumar Shah

Scalable individual planning in open and typed agent systems | M.S. | 05/2019

Yu Wang

Three different approaches of missing data imputation for financial data | M.S. | 05/2019

Natalia Valeryevna Bhattacharjee

A statistical approach for calibrating hydrologic models | M.S. | 05/2018

Ho Suk Choi

Prediction of peanut butter prices in the United States by tracking concept drift | M.S. | 05/2018

Christopher Jon Helms

An application of semiparametric model estimation under shape invariance to fmri data | M.S. | 08/2018

Yasemin Inceoglu

Regularized aggregation of multiple graphs with application to FMRI data | M.S. | 12/2018

Jihyeon Kim

Model comparison with squared sharpe ratios of mimicking portfolios | M.S. | 05/2018

Wenqian Kong

Efficient genotyping by sampling extreme individuals in a genome wide association study in plants | M.S. | 05/2018

Tae-Young Pak

A statistical analysis of some aspects of well-being of South Korean elderly population | M.S. | 05/2018

Courtney Patterson

A statistical analysis of crime in San Luis Obispo (2009-2017) | M.S. | 05/2018

Taylor Bradley Smith

An expected outcome framework for evaluating batting and pitching performance in major league baseball with applications to the "juiced ball" and the "fly ball revolution" | M.S. | 05/2018

Vineet Aswin Vora

Modelling precipitation volumes using a weibull mixture and the gamma generalized linear model | M.S. | 12/2018

Chao Beatrice Zhang

Normal and average: lexical ambiguity in an introductory statistics course | M.S. | 12/2018

Qihu Zhang

The periodic solution and the global asymptotic stability for northeastern Puerto Rico ecosystem | M.S. | 08/2018

Nevada Basdeo

An examination of the transfer of errors to species tree estimation caused by model selection in gene tree estimation | M.S. | 05/2017

Georgianna Louise Thompson Campbell

Assessment of the performance of the lasso algorithm compared to the k-nn algorithm with high-dimensional class imbalanced data | M.S. | 05/2017

Barbara Anne Dolansky

A comparison of pedagogical approaches in introductory statstics | M.S. | 05/2017

Sooyoung Kim

A mixed effect model with feature extraction for functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data | M.S. | 05/2017

Mariya Nadein

Assessing UGA transportation and parking services data collection using RouteMatch Software? | M.S. | 05/2017

Pranav Kalyan Panage

Analyzing android ad-libraries | M.S. | 12/2017

Narita Shashikant Pandhe

Generative spatiotemporal modeling of neutrophil behavior | M.S. | 12/2017

Thaddeus Robert Sulek

An application of graphical models to fMRI data using the lasso penalty | M.S. | 05/2017

Krista Marie Varanyak

Skew and bias: the efficacy of an intervention in an introductory statistics course | M.S. | 05/2017

Cun Wang

Bootstrap based measurement of serial correlation in time series objects | M.S. | 12/2017

Yibo Dang

Copula modeling analysis on multi-dimensional portfolios with backtesting | M.S. | 08/2016

Yining Huang

Data analysis of the pattern information of the collective decision-making process in subterranean termites species | M.S. | 08/2016

Lewis Jones

Modeling NFL quarterback success with college data | M.S. | 05/2016

Tugba Karadavut

Comparison of data sampling methods on IRT parameter estimation | M.S. | 05/2016

Patrick James Kriebel

Estimating precipitation volume distributions using data from the spatially dense cocorahs network | M.S. | 08/2016

Qian Kuang

Predictive biomarker reproducibility modeling with censored data | M.S. | 12/2016

Zhaochong Liu

Parallel matrix factorization in big data analytics | M.S. | 08/2016

Jeremy Marcus Mulcahey

Maximum monthly rainfall behavior along the front range of Colorado | M.S. | 12/2016

Wei Qi

A study on adaptive lasso and its weight selection | M.S. | 12/2016

Adam Ewell Quinn

Predictors of secondary traumatic stress among clinical social workers: a focus on the impact of the supervisory relationship | M.S. | 05/2016

Chao Song

Estimating nutrient uptake in streams with pulse release | M.S. | 12/2016

Kemin Xu

Prediction of crime categories in San Francisco area | M.S. | 05/2016

Xuan Zhang

Perceived importance and objective measures of built environment walkability of a university campus | M.S. | 05/2016

Lauren Elizabeth Anderson

Mergers and network effects: understanding the recent increase in percentage of non-weather-caused flight delays in the United States | M.S. | 05/2015

Yang Bai

A rolling analysis on the prediction of Value at Risk with multivariate GARCH and copula | M.S. | 05/2015

Yifan Dai

Analysis of climate-crop yield relationships in Canada with distance correlation | M.S. | 12/2015

Soyeon Jung

False negative control for multiple acceptance-support hypotheses testing problem | M.S. | 05/2015

Bita Kazemi Zahrani

Big data analytic tools to detect fraud in healthcare data | M.S. | 12/2015

Padmanand Madhavan-Nambiar

Genetic algorithms developed in R software for finding optimal experimental designs | M.S. | 05/2015

Yu Wang

Bootstrap-based test for volatility shifts in GARCH against long-range dependence | M.S. | 05/2015

Sarabpreet Kaur Dhillon

A rule-engine-based application for over-the-counter medication safety | M.S. | 12/2014

Shengfei Fu

Household whole and low-fat milk consumption in Poland: a censored system approach | M.S. | 12/2014

Jeremy Kyle Jennings

Calibrating test item banks for an introductory statistics course | M.S. | 05/2014

James Chuanbing Ma

A guide and solution manual to The elements of statistical learning | M.S. | 12/2014

Allison Amanda Moore

Programmatic assessment for an undergraduate statistics major | M.S. | 05/2014

Stephen Morris

Global temperature trends | M.S. | 08/2014

Mushimie Lona Panda

Penalized regression models for Major League Baseball metrics | M.S. | 05/2014

Kristen Renee Poole

Discriminant function analysis of Major League Baseball steroid use | M.S. | 05/2014

Andrew John Scott

Estimation of government employment using multivariate hierarchical Bayes modeling | M.S. | 05/2014

Dainna Kristine Stelmach

Feasibility of small voxel sizes in canine brain 1H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy at 3T | M.S. | 08/2014

Jasmine Victoria Vanexel

Improving the robustness of turbulent fluxes: an examination of the role of waves on fluxes and turbulence statistics | M.S. | 08/2014

Yiwen Yang

Phylogenetic analysis of cancer microarray data | M.S. | 12/2014

Elizabeth Barbara Amick

Students? misconceptions about introductory statistics topics: assessing STAT 2000 outcomes using CAOS | M.S. | 05/2013

John Wesley Averick Jr.

The use of bootstrapping to measure image differences in fMRI data | M.S. | 05/2013

Sebastain NDE Awondo

Performance of farm level vs area level crop insurance | M.S. | 08/2013

James Lea Bevington

Application of multivariate geospatial statistics to soil hydraulic properties | M.S. | 12/2013

Christopher Lowell Beal Brown

Characterizing the socioeconomics of metropolitan transportation network expansion by mining a nationwide road change database | M.S. | 05/2013

Xiao Cheng

The rise of the Big Data: why should statisticians embrace collaborations with computer scientists | M.S. | 12/2013

Kristi Lynn Clark

Undergraduate students? attitudes toward statistics in an introductory statistics class | M.S. | 12/2013

Emily Lauren Fancher

Comparison of methods of analysis for Pretest and Posttest data | M.S. | 08/2013

Na Hao

Drought, biofuel, and livestock | M.S. | 12/2013

Edward Rickamer Hoover

A comparison of meta-analytic approaches on the consequences of role stressors | M.S. | 08/2013

Gregory Gerard Jansen

Improving validity and reliability in STAT 2000 assessments | M.S. | 05/2013

Jiayang Liu

Classification analysis in microarray data using biological pathway and gene family information | M.S. | 12/2013

Mitchell Dean Muhlheim

Predicting equity returns using Twitter sentiment | M.S. | 05/2013

Waleed De Jesus Navarro

Monthly trends in maxima of low temperatures in Georgia, USA | M.S. | 05/2013

Veronika Novoselsky

HIV classification using DNA sequences | M.S. | 08/2013

Tracy Lashonda Sprolden

Double eQTL mapping method to improve identification of trans eQTLs and construct intermediate gene networks | M.S. | 05/2013

Sagar Shailesh Sugandhi

CacheMeter | M.S. | 08/2013

Andrew Lewis Anderson

A study on expectiles: measuring risk in finance | M.S. | 12/2012

Stephanie Carrieann Cooke

Design of cost-fffective cancer biomarker reproducibility studies | M.S. | 08/2012

David Joseph Durden

Flux measurements in the stable boundary layer and during morning transition | M.S. | 12/2012

Jeremiah Douglas Johnson

Predicting outcomes of mixed martial arts fights with novel fight variables | M.S. | 08/2012

Li Li

Estimation in populations with rare events | M.S. | 05/2012

Jamian Krishna Pacifici

A Bayesian hierarchical spatial model for West Nile Virus in New York City: evaluating an approach to handle large spatial data sets | M.S. | 12/2012

Adeya Shontelle Powell

The influence of measurement errors in tumor markers | M.S. | 12/2012

Eugine Song

Statistical interpretation of experiments with laying hens | M.S. | 05/2012

Qianqian Tang

Estimation of genomic copy frequency with correlated observations | M.S. | 05/2012

Sara Brooke Toluba

The appearance of Michelle Obama: an analysis of the First Lady's exposure in magazines, from January 2008 to December 2009 | M.S. | 05/2012

Emily Nichole Wilson

Case studies of clear-air turbulence: evaluation and verification of new forecasting techniques | M.S. | 08/2012

Andrew Hoss

Assessment of nonparametric frontier models applied to socially responsible investment | M.S. | 08/2011

Siyan S Hu

Nonparametric GARCH models for financial volatility | M.S. | 08/2011

Sebastien Dalli Kiogou

Investigating some estimators of the fractional degree of differencing, in long memory time series | M.S. | 05/2011

Muliang Peng

A bootstrap method for fitting a linear regression model to interval-valued data | M.S. | 05/2011

Jongmin Ra

Variable selection in longitudinal data with application to education | M.S. | 08/2011

Travis I Alstad

Conservation genetics of the red-cockaded woodpecker | M.S. | 05/2010

Jeonifer Garren

Using regression based methods for time-constrained scaling of parallel processor computing applications | M.S. | 05/2010

Zhuofei Hou

Statistical study of the decay lifetimes of the photo-excited DNA nucleobase Adenine | M.S. | 12/2010

Mi Yeon Shim

The interpretation of experiments with poultry | M.S. | 12/2010

Xiaojia Tang

Statistical identification of the quinic acid responsive genes in Neurospora crassa | M.S. | 12/2010

Candace Camille Walton

A content analysis of advertiser influence on editorial content in fashion magazines | M.S. | 05/2010

Kan Bao

Derivation of the complete transcriptome of Escherichia coli from microarray data | M.S. | 12/2009

Sarah Rose Bednarski

The coordination of design and analysis techniques for functional magnetic resonance imaging data | M.S. | 05/2009

Brian James Fullilove

A review of ruin probability models | M.S. | 12/2009

Nathan Lekahal

The exploration of statistical ensemble methods for market segmentation | M.S. | 05/2009

Jamie L. Skvarla Sanderlin

Misidentification error in non-invasive genetic mark-recapture sampling: case study with the central Georgia black bear population | M.S. | 05/2009

Haiming Wang

A time series analysis of mortality and air pollution in Hong Kong from 1997 to 2007 | M.S. | 05/2009

Ayanna Byrd

Penalized principal component regression | M.S. | 05/2008

Johnathan Eugene Dean

Statistical methods for turtle bycatch data | M.S. | 12/2008

Kelly Stidham Kennedy

Sexual dysfunction in young women with breast cancer | M.S. | 12/2008

Ting Li

Investigation of statistical methods for determination of benchmark dose limits for retinoic acid-induced fetal forelimb malformation in mice | M.S. | 12/2008

Ruobing Wang

Competing risk models for turtle nest survival in the Bolivian Amazon | M.S. | 05/2008

Mayukh Dass

Exploring bidder characteristics in online auctions: an application of a bilinear mixed model to study overbidders | M.S. | 08/2007

Arlo Lyle

Baseball prediction using ensemble learning | M.S. | 05/2007

Daniel George Ngugi

Adoption and use of Internet among American organic farmers | M.S. | 12/2007

Brian Michael Shamblin

Population structure of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) nesting in the southeastern United States inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences and microsatellite loci | M.S. | 05/2007

Justin Michael Slaughter

Small-sample prediction of estimated loss potentials | M.S. | 12/2007

Justin August Tyson

Applications for NIR spectroscopy in eucalyptus genetics improvement programs and pulp mill operations | M.S. | 12/2007

Yin Xiong

Lq penalized regression | M.S. | 05/2007

Jianping Zhu

Estimating the demand for and value of recreation access to national forest wilderness: a comparison of travel cost and onsite cost day models | M.S. | 05/2007

Tan Ding

Implementing SELC (sequential elimination of level combinations) for practitioners: new statistical softwares | M.S. | 12/2006

Adam J. Hinely

GIS-based habitat modeling related to bearded Capuchin monkey tool use | M.S. | 08/2006

Louis Manglass

Historic airboat use and change assessment using remote sensing and geographic information system techniques in Everglades National Park | M.S. | 08/2006

Tremika Rahchell Finney

An evaluation of airbags | M.S. | 05/2005


Mixed effects models for a directional response: a case study with loblolly pine microfibril angle | M.S. | 08/2005

Eun-Jeong Lee

Cross-nation examination of CCI and CPI with an emphasis on Korea | M.S. | 05/2005

Guiping Yang

A new nonparametric bivariate survival function estimator under random right censoring | M.S. | 05/2005

Murali Adhikari

Forecasting crop water demand: structural and time series analysis | M.S. | 08/2004

Matthew Joseph Atkinson

Extreme value methods in body-burden analysis: with application to inference from long-term data sets | M.S. | 05/2004

Joao Augusto

Development of a screening method for determination of aflatoxins | M.S. | 12/2004

Leigh Michelle Harrell

Regression models in standardized test prediction | M.S. | 08/2004

xiaoting Qin

Comparison between frequentist and Bayesian implementation of mixed linear model for analysis of microarray data | M.S. | 05/2004

Fabio Sartori

Temporal autocorrelation in modeling soil potentially mineralizable nitrogen | M.S. | 05/2004

Margaret Lanier Senter

Using extreme value models for analyzing river flow | M.S. | 08/2004

Qun Wang

Investigation of multiple imputation procedures in the presence of missing quantitative and categorical variables | M.S. | 08/2004

Darren Arlando Williams

Monitoring expense report errors: control charts under independence and dependence | M.S. | 05/2004

jidong zhang

Time series analysis of volatility in financial markets in Hong Kong from 1991 to 2004 | M.S. | 12/2004

Marlow Quintez Lemons

Predictive modeling of professional figure skating tournament data | M.S. | 08/2003

Yangrong Ling

Statistical dimension reduction methods for appearance-based face recognition | M.S. | 05/2003

Jingrang Lu

Statistical analysis of 16s rdna gene-based intestinal bacteria in chickens | M.S. | 12/2003

Krista L. Merry

Reconstruction of early 19th century vegetation to assess landscape change in southwestern Georgia | M.S. | 12/2003

Kyoungrae Oh

Statistical model for estimating the probability of using electronic cards : a statistical analysis of SCF data | M.S. | 08/2003

Jan Henning Vollmer

A survey of Hill's estimator | M.S. | 08/2003

Haofei Wang

Statistical analysis of mass spectrometry-assisted protein identification methods | M.S. | 12/2003

Cathleen Doris Gillespie

Intra-individual variation in serum vitamin A measures among participants in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1988-1994 | M.S. | 05/2002

Tadesse Haileyesus

Application and comparison of time series models to AIDS data | M.S. | 05/2002

Jee-Hee Han

Are wealthier elderly healthier? : a statistical analysis of AHEAD data | M.S. | 08/2002

Terri Lynn Henderson

Statistical modeling and analysis of the polymerase chain reaction | M.S. | 05/2002

Cejun Liu

Statistical model for the diffusion of innovation and its applications | M.S. | 12/2002

Susan Ann Turner

Spatial pattern analysis and modeling of Heterotheca subaxillaris and Lespedeza cuneata in a South Carolina old-field | M.S. | 08/2002

Fengling Ye

Prediction of residential mortgage contract rates | M.S. | 05/2002

Raghunath Gannamaraju

Palmist: a tool to log Palm system activity | M.S. | 12/2001

Tryggvi Paul McDonald

The grilseification of Atlantic salmon in Iceland | M.S. | 08/2001

Irfan Yousuf Tareen

Stochastic volatility models: a maximum likelihood approach | M.S. | 08/2000

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