Across the nation, funds provided by the states to state universities are on the decline. Georgia and UGA are no exception. The funds provided by the state to UGA have gone down by more than 25% over the last 3 years, resulting in less than 30% of UGA’s total budget coming from the State of Georgia. These cuts have in part been offset by raises in tuition and fees. However, private donations have become essential in supporting the mission of the university and its colleges and departments. The Department of Statistics has six funds to which donations can be made.

The Statistics Fund

This is a general purpose fund that can be used for travel support for students, refreshments for seminars, awards for students, equipment and supplies, and other items deemed appropriate by the Franklin College.

The Bradley Fund

This fund is in the form of an endowed account, meaning that only the interest generated from the principal amount can be spent. The interest of this fund, originally established by former faculty member Dr. Ralph Bradley, is primarily used in partial support of the Bradley Lecture. This annual student focused lecture features very prominent speakers, and is co-sponsored with funds provided by the Statistics Club and the Department.

The Hutcheson Award Fund

This fund, established by emeritus faculty member Dr. Kermit Hutcheson, is meant to provide an annual award to a student selected by a faculty committee appointed by the Head. The criteria for the award include academic standing, enthusiasm for the field of statistics, and character of the recipient. Starting in academic year 2012-2013, the award recipient will be a student chosen based on these criteria from our Capstone course, and will receive a $500 award.

The Bargmann Fund

This fund, named after former faculty member Dr. Rolf Bargmann, can be used to support the renovation and maintenance of the Bargmann Laboratory, which is the computer laboratory for our graduate students, and to provide travel support for graduate students.

The Cohen Fund

Named after former faculty member Dr. A. Clifford Cohen, the purpose of this fund is renovation and maintenance of the Cohen Room, which is used as a reading room, for refreshments after seminars, and for special gatherings.

The Mohamed Al Lawati Academic Enhancement Fund

This Fund provides support for the Department, such as awards, student and faculty research, travel for conferences, purchases of materials/equipment and other educational purposes. Mohamed Al-Lawati (MS '90 Statistics) came to UGA on a Scholarship from Sultan Quboos University and the Ministry of Finance. He worked in the Ministry of Finance in the Sultanate of Oman, 1981-1993, culminating his career as Oman's Director of Finance, 1994-1996. After retiring from civic leadership, he had a career in private business. He is engaged in philanthrophy and believes in giving back to his alma mater.