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PhD Dissertations

Junghee Bae

The commercial activity of nonprofit human service organizations analysis approach: latent class growth analysis approach | Ph. D. | 05/2019

Stephanie Marie Eick

Psychosocial stress among pregnant women in Puerto Rico | Ph. D. | 05/2019

Christi Perry Hardeman

Loneliness and self-efficacy: an online mindfulness-based stress reduction intervention for older adults with cardiovascular disease | Ph. D. | 08/2019

Jared Michael Jashinsky

The demographics, behavioral theory, and physical activity patterns of Pokémon Go players | Ph. D. | 05/2019

Xiaodong Jiang

Selected topics in network data analysis and phylogenetics | Ph. D. | 05/2019

Arunava Samaddar

Statistical learning methods for group analysis in fMRI data | Ph. D. | 08/2019

Kyle Timothy Turner

Using functional data analysis to model person responses | Ph. D. | 08/2019

Rui Xie

Sampling for streaming data | Ph. D. | 05/2019

Yaotong Cai

Symbolic data analysis : statistical inference on interval-valued data regression | Ph. D. | 08/2018

Elizabeth Mary Cox

Campus housing departments as learning organizations: assessing learning culture and organizational performance | Ph. D. | 08/2018

Jamil Monique Gilliam

The impact of extracurricular activity involvement on dropout rates for students with emotional and behavioral disorders | Ph. D. | 05/2018

Phillip Dale Grant Jr.

Rural student experiences at an R1 doctoral university | Ph. D. | 05/2018

Li Guan

A comprehensive evaluation of fit statistics to identify the correct item response process | Ph. D. | 12/2018

Florence Adanma Kanu

Defining preconception wellness and examining its association with preterm birth and its clinical subtypes among Georgia mothers | Ph. D. | 05/2018

Dehui Kong

Molecular evolution of chemical-differentially modified biopolymers | Ph. D. | 12/2018

Yiwen Liu

Dimension reduction and multisource fusion for big data with applications in bioinformatics | Ph. D. | 05/2018

Chul Moon

Statistical inference and learning for topological data analysis | Ph. D. | 08/2018

Wenhao Pan

Model-based clustering with application of copulas for symbolic data | Ph. D. | 08/2018

Seyedamin Pouriyeh

Probabilistic topic modeling based framework for exploration of rdf data | Ph. D. | 08/2018

Dongjo Shin

Prospective mathematics teachers? noticing of students? statistical reasoning | Ph. D. | 12/2018

Xiaoxiao Sun

Nonparametric methods for big and complex datasets under a reproducing kernel Hilbert space framework | Ph. D. | 05/2018

Xin Xing

Statistical methods with applications in epigenomics, metagenomics and neuroimaging | Ph. D. | 05/2018

Andrey Zakharchenko

Composite nanoparticles for biomedical applications | Ph. D. | 05/2018

Wei Zhang

Optimal designs for the panel mixed logit model | Ph. D. | 05/2018

Mohammed Awad A Alasmrai

Toward equity in educational planning: power and influence among men and women faculty in Saudi universities | Ph. D. | 05/2017

Adel Bedoui

Bayesian empirical likelihood for linear regression and penalized regression | Ph. D. | 08/2017

Nathaniel Odell Brown

An exploratory study: : programs foster care students' knowledge of college campus support | Ph. D. | 12/2017

Sha Cao

Towards understanding the interplay between cellular stresses and cancer development | Ph. D. | 08/2017

Stacy Andrea Cobb

Optimizing parameters for qtl mapping study designs using next generation sequencing data | Ph. D. | 05/2017

Mohamad Shakil Hasan

Optimal p-value weighting with independent information | Ph. D. | 12/2017

Alexei C Ionan

Bayesian framework for developing and evaluating medical screening tests for early disease detection with applications in oncology | Ph. D. | 05/2017

Jeremy Kyle Jennings

A nonparametric method for assessing model-data fit in rasch measurement theory | Ph. D. | 05/2017

Dongho Kim

Using learning analytics to investigate self-regulated learning in an asynchronous online course | Ph. D. | 05/2017

Oguz Koklu

Undergraduate students' informal notions of variability | Ph. D. | 05/2017

Megan A Lepere-Schloop

The logic of identity-focused organizational change:: research based on the combined federal campaign | Ph. D. | 08/2017

Alexander James Lyford

Investigating undergraduate student understanding of graphical displays of quantitative data through machine learning algorithms | Ph. D. | 05/2017

Wenting Yang

Structural relationships among explanatory style, acculturation, coping strategies, and job satisfaction of foreign-born asian faculty in the u.s. | Ph. D. | 08/2017

Wei Chen

The impact of environmental factors on the production of english narratives by Spanish-English bilingual children | Ph. D. | 08/2016

Xianyan Chen

Nonlinear constrained optimization in R and its application for sufficient dimension reduction and variable selection | Ph. D. | 08/2016

Damarrio Clenard Holloway

Multiple perspectives on the transition from secondary to postsecondary mathematics courses | Ph. D. | 12/2016

Hejiao Hu

A waiting time approach for a disability model | Ph. D. | 05/2016

Fei Liu

Cluster analysis for symbolic interval data using linear regression method | Ph. D. | 05/2016

Jacob William Martin

Topics in zero-inflated count regression: coefficients of determination and marginal models | Ph. D. | 08/2016

Debin Qiu

Grouped variable screening for ultrahigh dimensional data under linear model | Ph. D. | 05/2016

Betul Tarhan

An examination of legal issues concerning international and immigrant students in the U.S. | Ph. D. | 08/2016

Hao Tong

Identifying and understanding repetitive patterns in prokaryotic DNA sequences | Ph. D. | 12/2016

Jonathan Matthew Turk

Estimating the effect of magnitude of exposure to developmental education on college student outcomes across sectors: a dose-response approach using two nationally representative student samples | Ph. D. | 08/2016

Li-Yu Wang

Regularized aggregation approaches for complex data | Ph. D. | 12/2016

Yuanwen Wang

Sufficient dimension folding, variable selection, and its inference | Ph. D. | 05/2016

Zhen Yan

A Birth and Death Model for RNA-Seq Data Analysis | Ph. D. | 05/2016

Jing Zhao

A probabilistic model for gene family evolution | Ph. D. | 05/2016

Ahmad Mansour Al-Omari Sr.

Discovering a regulatory network topology by Markov Chain Monte-Carlo on GPGPUs with special reference to the biological clock of Neurospora crassa | Ph. D. | 05/2015

Imani Akilah Bailey

The economic affect on teacher efficacy | Ph. D. | 08/2015

Adam Paul Jaeger

Composite empirical likelihood: a derivation of multiple non-parametric likelihoods | Ph. D. | 05/2015

Sangjin Kim

Prioritizing hypothesis tests for high throughput data with multiple testing methods | Ph. D. | 12/2015

Lina Liao

Developments of regularized approaches in non-standard paradigm | Ph. D. | 05/2015

Yu-Ju Lin

The effect of motivation and learning anxiety on achievement by modeling problem solving skills and using open educational resources | Ph. D. | 08/2015

Robert Adam Molnar

High school mathematics teachers' knowledge and views of conditional probability | Ph. D. | 08/2015

Wenhui Sheng

Sufficient dimension reduction and variable selection via distance covariance | Ph. D. | 05/2015

Xijue Tan

Optimal designs for generalized linear models | Ph. D. | 05/2015

Guannan Wang

High/ultra-high dimensional single-index models | Ph. D. | 05/2015

Shiyao Wang

Estimating equations for fitting linear regression models describing the impact of partially-observed time-varying predictors on patterns of weight change among participants seeking to lose weight using ecological momentary assessment data | Ph. D. | 12/2015

Wenbo Wu

Stable and pseudo sufficient dimension reduction | Ph. D. | 05/2015

Yuan Zhuang

Time series clustering using copula-based higher order Markov process | Ph. D. | 12/2015

Bobette Bouton

Initial development and validation of the Teacher Empathy Scale: TES | Ph. D. | 05/2014

Adrijo Chakraborty

Hierarchical Bayesian methods for survey sampling and other applications | Ph. D. | 08/2014

Yi Chen

Symbolic data regression and clustering methods | Ph. D. | 08/2014

Henrique Ferro Duarte

Impact of nocturnal low-level jets on surface turbulence and fluxes | Ph. D. | 05/2014

Haileab Hilafu

On dimension reduction and feature selection in high dimensions | Ph. D. | 05/2014

Paul James Holmes

The effect of motivation and attitude towards statistics on conceptual understanding of statistics | Ph. D. | 08/2014

Linwei Hu

Optimal design of experiments | Ph. D. | 12/2014

Victoria Constanza Ramenzoni

Effects of socio-environmental variability and uncertainty in decisions about fishing effort of a small-scale tuna fishery in Ende, eastern Indonesia | Ph. D. | 05/2014

Omar Eduardo Rivera

Development of nano-based biosensors for the detection and differentiation of bacterial pathogens using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy | Ph. D. | 12/2014

Sandra Esi Safo

Design and analysis issues in high dimension, low sample size problems | Ph. D. | 08/2014

Seyed Yaser Samadi

Matrix time series analysis | Ph. D. | 05/2014

Jin Tang

Generalized quasi-likelihood ratio test for semiparametric analysis of covariance models in longitudinal data | Ph. D. | 12/2014

Emmanuel Tuglo

Analysis of univariate and multivariate longitudinal data with censored and missing response with complex covariance structure | Ph. D. | 08/2014

Nancy Blue Williams

Automaticity and the learning of mathematics | Ph. D. | 12/2014

Nan Zhang

Hilbert-Schmidt Independence Criterion in sufficient dimension reduction and feature screening | Ph. D. | 05/2014

Deniz Zubeyde Altin-Ballero

The application of the total evidence approach for phylogenetic reconstruction of selected monothalamous foraminifera of Sapelo Island, Georgia, USA | Ph. D. | 12/2013

Andrew Christopher Bartlett

Extreme value estimators for various non-negative time series with heavy-tail innovations | Ph. D. | 05/2013

Derek Andrew Brown

Bayesian multiple testing under dependence with application to functional magnetic resonance imaging | Ph. D. | 08/2013

Kiyra Breana Holt

Factors that influence the retention of secondary urban science teachers | Ph. D. | 05/2013

Nat Kulvanich

Mixture Poisson point process: assessing heterogeneity in EMA analysis | Ph. D. | 05/2013

Jinae Lee

Functional magnetic resonance imaging data clustering | Ph. D. | 12/2013

Jung Ae Lee

Sample integrity in high dimensional data | Ph. D. | 12/2013

Xinyu Liu

Sample size determination in multi-class classification and prediction based on single-nucleotide polymorphisms | Ph. D. | 08/2013

Susan Sexton Stanton

Conceptualizing mathematical authority with technology | Ph. D. | 05/2013

Lin Sun

Bayesian factor analysis for fMRI data | Ph. D. | 08/2013

Mary Elizabeth Thompson

Essays on corporate finance and employee compensation | Ph. D. | 05/2013

Hsin-Ping Wu

Locally optimal designs for generalized linear models with a single-variable quadratic polynomial predictor | Ph. D. | 12/2013

Muhammad Akram

The relationship between teacher evaluation scores and student achievement in English and mathematics: evidence from Pakistan | Ph. D. | 12/2012

Cigdem Alagoz Ekici

Posterior predictive model checking for the diagnostic input noisy and gate model | Ph. D. | 08/2012

Ashley Elizabeth Askew

Numerical optimization and Empty Set Problem in application of empirical likelihood methods | Ph. D. | 12/2012

Andrea Michelle Brace

Increasing healthy eating behaviors among college students | Ph. D. | 12/2012

Mary H. Bruce

The role of simulation in secondary students' reasoning about probability distributions | Ph. D. | 05/2012

Yvette Teresa Dupree

Secondary work-based learning students' perceptions of their course and work and career-related issues | Ph. D. | 12/2012

Sydney Erin Everhart

Spatial pattern of brown rot symptoms and fine-scale genetic structure of Monilinia fructicola within stone fruit tree canopies | Ph. D. | 08/2012

Cong Feng

Nonparametric analysis of time series with complex features | Ph. D. | 08/2012

Erinn Camille Fears Floyd

A descriptive study of educators' gifted referral efficacy using Frasier?s TABs in a predominately African American rural Alabama school district | Ph. D. | 08/2012

Sara Marie Kintzle

Secondary traumatic stress in military healthcare providers: an examination into empathy and emotional separation as moderating variables | Ph. D. | 05/2012

Jacquelyn Jean Lee

Social work practice with trauma survivors: investigating risk and protective factors for secondary traumatic stress in a national sample of social workers | Ph. D. | 08/2012

Yi-Yin Lin

Intrinsic motivations of older adult learners in Taiwan | Ph. D. | 05/2012

David Brandon Luper

Complex systems data mining and knowledge extraction | Ph. D. | 12/2012

Christopher David O'Neal

Asymptotic expansions of processes with extreme value random variable innovations | Ph. D. | 08/2012

Leigh Anne Poole

The internationalization of U.S. higher education: perceptions from international educators and senior international officers | Ph. D. | 12/2012

Yijie Xue

Applications of empirical likelihood to nonresponse problem and changepoint detection | Ph. D. | 12/2012

Yuan Xue

Sufficient dimension folding theory and methods | Ph. D. | 12/2012

Dallin George Young

Measuring reported learning from supervised practice experiences of graduates of master?s programs in student affairs: the CAS supervised practice study | Ph. D. | 05/2012

Tiffiany M. Cummings Aholou

A sign of the times: African American seminarians' attitudes, perceptions and knowledge about HIV and mutual HIV testing in intimate relationships | Ph. D. | 12/2011

Sarah Marie Heath

Educator effect on student achievement on Georgia high school economics End-of-Course Test | Ph. D. | 05/2011

John David Robinson

Extinction in the Finnish Daphnia magna metapopulation | Ph. D. | 08/2011

Jeremy Stephen Schwehm

The impact of precollege characteristics and community college factors on the academic and social adjustment of adult vertical transfer students | Ph. D. | 12/2011

Dawn Vivienne Smith-Henry

Perceived readiness of Jamaican community college students for postcollege goals | Ph. D. | 08/2011

Willie Udo Willie

Lexical aspect and lexical saliency in acquisition of past tense-aspect morphology among Ibibio ESL learners | Ph. D. | 12/2011

Adam Thomas McLean Wyatt

Concepts, ideas, visions: thematic characteristics of strategic plans among elite, international universities | Ph. D. | 12/2011

Shawn Kendale Blue

Pharmacokinetics of anti-HIV agents in rodents | Ph. D. | 08/2010

Shadreck Sones Chitsonga

Assessment practices of mathematics teachers who also teach AP statistics | Ph. D. | 12/2010

Sinan Gemici

Effects of career-technical and college-preparatory high school curricula on educational attainment | Ph. D. | 08/2010

Jaejun Lee

L2E estimation for finite mixture of regression models with applications and L2E with penalty and non-normal mixtures | Ph. D. | 08/2010

Taniya Mandal

Comparing statistically pooled brain maps in FMRI studies using parametric and non-parametric methods | Ph. D. | 12/2010

Yong Shan

Examining the potential of particle swarm optimization for spatial forest planning and developing a solution quality index for heuristic techniques | Ph. D. | 08/2010

Wei Xu

Symbolic data analysis: interval-valued data regression | Ph. D. | 08/2010

William Stanley Yackinous

Emerging principles of ecological network dynamics: innovative synthesis, modeling, analysis, and results | Ph. D. | 12/2010

Emily Marie Jones

What do parents say about childhood obesity?: the development and validation of a survey instrument to measure parent's perceptions of solutions to childhood obesity | Ph. D. | 08/2009

Gloria Lynn Jones

Correlates of mathematics anxiety among African American high school juniors | Ph. D. | 05/2009

Byungdeok Kang

Congregational social services: leaders' perceptions and experiences | Ph. D. | 08/2009

Ming-Hung Kao

Optimal experimental designs for event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging | Ph. D. | 08/2009

Jaejik Kim

Dissimilarity measures for histogram-valued data and divisive clustering of symbolic objects | Ph. D. | 08/2009

Christian R. Mora

Rapid techniques for screening wood properties in forest plantations | Ph. D. | 05/2009

Benjamin Barone Neustifter

Random effects in point processes: adding flexibility to Ecological Momentary Assessment analysis | Ph. D. | 08/2009

Umashanger Thayasivam

L2E estimation of mixture complexity | Ph. D. | 08/2009

Amy Vaughan

Statistical inferences and visualization based on a scale-space approach | Ph. D. | 12/2009

Qin Wang

Sufficient dimension reduction and sufficient variable selection | Ph. D. | 05/2009

John J. Weber III

Post-secondary science students? conceptions of randomness and entropy | Ph. D. | 12/2009

Bobby Ray Woodard

An examination of chief student affairs officers' (CSAO) perceptions of professional competencies | Ph. D. | 08/2009

Jing Xu

Semiparametric zero-inflated regression models: estimation and inference | Ph. D. | 12/2009

Ellen Hepfer Breazel

Effect of common errors in microsatellite data on estimates of population differentiation and inferring genotypic structure of complex disease loci using genome-wide expression data | Ph. D. | 08/2008

Jien Chen

Applications of Empirical Likelihood to quantile estimation and longitudinal data | Ph. D. | 08/2008

Clayton Martin Darwin

Construction and analysis of the University of Georgia Tobacco Documents Corpus | Ph. D. | 05/2008

Cameron De'Leon Denson

Impact of mentorship programs on African-American male high school students' perceptions of engineering | Ph. D. | 08/2008

Mario Ernesto Donoso Correa

Geosimulations of urban growth, dasymetric mapping and population dynamics in northwest Florida, 1974 - 2025 | Ph. D. | 12/2008

Jennifer Giaothuy Le-Rademacher

Principal component analysis for interval-valued and histogram-valued data and likelihood functions and some maximum likelihood estimators for symbolic data | Ph. D. | 12/2008

Shangbin Liu

Statistical issues on mass spectrometry-based protein identification and quantitation | Ph. D. | 12/2008

Nicholas Calland Polizzi

Seasonal patterns of perinatal anomalies | Ph. D. | 08/2008

Junshan Qiu

Variable selection methods with applications | Ph. D. | 12/2008

Guoying Sun

A genetical genomics approach to genome scans for complex traits | Ph. D. | 12/2008

Susanta Tewari

Construction of high-resolution likelihood-based integrated genetic and physical map of Neurospora crassa | Ph. D. | 08/2008

Jun Ye

Geostatistical methods for spatio-temporal analysis of fMRI data | Ph. D. | 08/2008

Olga Lucia Zapata Cardona

Teachers' understanding of students' conceptions about chance: an expert-novice contrast | Ph. D. | 08/2008

Xiaoa Zhen

Categorical time series | Ph. D. | 08/2008

Archan Bhattacharya

Inference for controlled branching process, Bayesian inference for zero-inflated count data and Bayesian techniques for hairline fracture detection and reconstruction | Ph. D. | 05/2007

Yimei Cai

Estimation of the seed dispersal distribution with genotypic data | Ph. D. | 12/2007

John Laurance Chapman

Ownership, governance, & firm performance: private equity in retrospect and prospect | Ph. D. | 05/2007

Lingling Han

Models with subject by treatment and subject by carryover interactions and use of baseline measurements in crossover trials | Ph. D. | 05/2007

Ji Yeon Hong

Why do beginning teachers leave school?: pre-service and beginning science teachers' professional dientity and its relation to dropping out of the profession | Ph. D. | 08/2007

Ross J. Iaci

Multivariate association and dimension reduction | Ph. D. | 08/2007

Sandeep Jose Joseph

Gene expression data analysis: applications to disease diagnosis and feed supplementation | Ph. D. | 12/2007

Valerie Alexis Molyneaux

Liberal arts graduates' college experiences and work preparation | Ph. D. | 08/2007

Jin-Hong Park

Dimension reduction in time series | Ph. D. | 08/2007

Jennifer Leigh Stevenson

Ecological systems of the young gifted learner | Ph. D. | 08/2007

Yanbing Tang

An integrated GIS-spatial analysis of Atlanta's urban structure and urban space | Ph. D. | 08/2007

Gilbert Joshua Werema

Spatial differences in food consumption behavior in Uganda | Ph. D. | 08/2007

Maria Frances Wynne

Comparison of the dynamic indicators of basic early literacy skills to the comprehensive test of phonological processing and implications for construct validity | Ph. D. | 08/2007

Chenhua Zhang

Applications of smoothly varying functions and tail index estimation | Ph. D. | 08/2007

Lamont D. Antieau

A distributional analysis of rural Colorado English | Ph. D. | 08/2006

Dipankar Bandyopadhyay

Novel nonparametric methods for event time data | Ph. D. | 05/2006

Bess Sirmon Fjordbak

Patterns of language use in mania | Ph. D. | 08/2006

Chad Anthony Galloway

Evaluating educational innovations: grant recipients' beliefs and behaviors | Ph. D. | 12/2006

Desale Habtzghi

Maximum likelihood based estimation of hazard function under shape restrictions and related statistical inference | Ph. D. | 05/2006

Qingmin Meng

Fine spatial resolution forest inventory for Georgia: remote sensing based geostatistical modeling and K nearest neighbor method | Ph. D. | 12/2006

Jing Shen

Robust estimation and inference in finite mixtures of generalized linear models | Ph. D. | 05/2006

Bryce David Smith

Evaluation of an HIV prevention intervention: the effect of internalized homophobia on outcomes | Ph. D. | 05/2006

Walker Scott Ashley

Derecho-producing convective systems in the United States: an assessment of hazards and family formation | Ph. D. | 05/2005

R. Paul Battaglio Jr.

Politics, public opinion, and privatization: assessing the calculus of consent for market reforms in developed market economies and transition economies | Ph. D. | 08/2005

R. Paul Battaglio Jr.

Politics, public opinion, and privatization: assessing the calculus of consent for market reforms in developed market economies and transition economies | Ph. D. | 08/2005

Hyuk Chung

Calibration and validation of the Body Self-Image Questionnaire using the Rasch analysis | Ph. D. | 08/2005

Tiffany Nicole Gatling

A study of the resiliency characteristics and proactive behaviors of mothers who have children with short stature | Ph. D. | 08/2005

Britta Denise Hardesty

Genetic diversity and realized dispersal in the dioecious neotropical tree, Simarouba amara | Ph. D. | 05/2005

Yan Jiang

Semiparametric ANCOVA using shape restrictions | Ph. D. | 05/2005

Chengcai Ni

Empirical and theoretical analyses of the applicability of projection models and mixed models to forest inventory updates | Ph. D. | 08/2005


Robust estimation in mixture models and small area estimation using cross-sectional time series models | Ph. D. | 08/2005

Sz-Shyan Wu

The impact of poorly translated items on measurement invariance: a cross-cultural study using mean and covariance structure and differential item functioning | Ph. D. | 08/2005

Ying Zhao

Some stochastic shape applications in time series and Markov chains | Ph. D. | 08/2005

Haitao Zheng

Inference for time series models for count data | Ph. D. | 08/2005

Robert Humphreys Zullo

An examination of outsourced marketing in Division I intercollegiate athletics | Ph. D. | 08/2005

Lorenzo Bowman

Black and white attorneys' perspectives on race, the legal system, and continuing legal education: a critical race theory analysis | Ph. D. | 05/2004

Guorong Chen

Modelling and analysis of Intraocular Pressure (IOP) data | Ph. D. | 08/2004

An-Lin Cheng

Robust inference for randomized play the winner design | Ph. D. | 08/2004

Janice Kathleen Davis

Understanding the diagnosis phenomenon of new professionals in student affairs | Ph. D. | 05/2004

Adam Rand Goldstein

An exploratory study of faculty and student affairs perceptions of undergraduate learning goals at small liberal arts and large research institutions | Ph. D. | 05/2004

QiQi Lu

Linear regression under multiple changepoints | Ph. D. | 08/2004

Saidu Oyarekhua Oseni

Genetics of heat tolerance for days open in US Holsteins | Ph. D. | 05/2004

lihua wang

Parameter estimation for mixtures of generalized linear mixed-effects models | Ph. D. | 05/2004

Ying Yang

Nonparametric Bayesian inference in biostatistics | Ph. D. | 12/2004

Zhengang Zhang

Marginal models for zero-inflated clustered data | Ph. D. | 12/2004


Bifurcating time series models for cell lineage data | Ph. D. | 05/2004

Stephanie Bergamo

A phylogenetic evaluation of Callisia Loefl. (Commelinaceae) based on molecular data | Ph. D. | 12/2003

Lisa L Ellis

An examination of personality and affective dimensions in women with intractable eating disorders | Ph. D. | 08/2003

Joseph Rubin Feinberg

Debriefing in simulation games: an examination of reflection on cognitive and affective learning outcomes | Ph. D. | 08/2003

James Brian Holt

The use of a geographic information system (GIS) and satellite remote sensing for small-area mortality analysis | Ph. D. | 12/2003

Jaechoul Lee

Linear trends, periodicities, and extremes | Ph. D. | 08/2003

Yuanhui XIao

Shot noise processes | Ph. D. | 08/2003

Cassandra Renee Cole

An empirical analysis of motives for termination of defined benefit pension plans | Ph. D. | 05/2002

Ramie Alphonse Gougeon

Household research at the Late Mississippian Little Eegypt site (9MU102) | Ph. D. | 08/2002

Qin Shao

Inference for a class of periodic time series models and their applications | Ph. D. | 05/2002

Elizabeth Rose Watts Warren

Exploring systematic variation in claims of threa : a time-series analysis, 1870 to 1900 | Ph. D. | 12/2002

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